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About GiEPA

The Export Promotion and Facilitation Department is mandated to develop export businesses and promote Gambian exports. To enhance the export base of The Gambia, the department is tasked with the following activities:

  • Build the export base of the domestic economy for greater export performance and competitiveness 
  • Build the capacity of Enterprises toward Export Market Compliance 
  • Raise awareness of market and business opportunities for potential and existing exporters 
  • Facilitate access to export finance for enterprises 
  • Develop and promote the establishment of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) 
  • Promote Gambian export products as well as potential export products of the Gambia
  • Design and develop promotion tools for product sector development

Through the support from the Commonwealth Secretariat, GIEPA developed an E-Commerce Trade Platform to bring in sellers and buyers of different products produced in the Gambia through different types of transactions. The Platform is intended to increase market efficiencies by accelerating and improving market functions such as matching of buyers and sellers, faster transactions, and the improvement of additional legal infrastructure to support digital trade.

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